BismAllah ArRahman ArRahim

Tuesday, June 25th, 2024.

Imsak 3:09 am
Fajr 3:25 am
Sunrise 5:23 am
Zohrain 1:39 pm
Sunset 9:55 pm
Maghribain 10:12 pm

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And as one inviting to Allah by His permission, and as a light-giving torch.
اور اللہ کی طرف اس کے حکم سے بلاتا (ف۱۱۲) او ر چمکادینے دینے والا ا ٓ فتاب (ف۱۱۳)

~ Qur'an (33:46)

Anyone who has been granted four attributes will not be deprived of their (four) effects'' one who prays to Allah and implores to Him will not be deprived of granting of his prayers'' one who repents for his thoughts and deeds will not be refused acceptance of the repentance'' one who has atoned for his sins will not be debarred from salvation and one who thanks Allah for the Blessings and Bounties will not be denied the increase in them.

~ Imam Ali Ibne AbiTalib (as) [Nehaj-ul-Balagha]

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