BismAllah ArRahman ArRahim

Friday, April 12th, 2024.

Imsak 4:54 am
Fajr 5:07 am
Sunrise 6:46 am
Zohrain 1:37 pm
Sunset 8:28 pm
Maghribain 8:45 pm

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And the people of Ibrahim and the people of Lut,
اور ابراہیم کی قوم اور لوط کی قوم،

~ Qur'an (22:43)

In this world, man is a target of death, an easy prey to calamities, here every morsel and every draught is liable to choke one, here one never receives a favour until he loses another instead, here every additional day in one''s life is a day reduced from the total span of his existence, when death is the natural outcome of life, how can we expect immortality?

~ Imam Ali Ibne AbiTalib (as) [Nehaj-ul-Balagha]

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