BismAllah ArRahman ArRahim

And certainly We gave the book to Musa, but it was gone against, and had not a word gone forth from your Lord, the matter would surely have been decided between them, and surely they are in a disquieting doubt about it.
اور بیشک ہم نے موسیٰ کو کتاب دی (ف۲۲۰) تو اس میں پھوٹ پڑگئی (ف۲۲۱) اگر تمہارے رب کی ایک بات (ف۲۲۲) پہلے نہ ہوچکی ہوتی تو جبھی ان کا فیصلہ کردیا جاتا (ف۲۲۳) اور بیشک وہ اس کی طرف سے (ف۲۲۴) دھوکا ڈالنے والے شک میں ہیں (ف۲۲۵)

~ Qur'an (11:110)

Importance of the deeds that you have done with fear of Allah cannot be minimized and how can the deeds which are acceptable to Allah be considered unimportant.

~ Imam Ali Ibne AbiTalib (as) [Nehaj-ul-Balagha]